This Yoga Move Will Relieve Your Period Pain

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Amen for this.

If you've had a period before, chances are you've had a bad case of cramps at least once. Now, instead of popping pain meds or just crying to ease the pain, there's a yoga move you can do to alleviate some of that awful discomfort (and it doesn't involve rolling around in bed trying to find the right cramp-easing position).

California-based yogi and photographer Stephanie Birch shared the way she helps relieve some of her period pain, telling Elle, she swears by one particular yoga move. "Oftentimes while I am going through mind-numbing cramps, I will lay flat out on my belly to get into Bow Pose," she said. "I used to curl up in a ball hoping for relief, but there is something so beneficial in lying face-down, adding weight to the cramping areas of the body​."​

Stephanie demonstrated the move for the mag, saying it strengthens the abs and lower back and relieves fatigue and stress too. So, this is a win-win.

Step 1: Lie on your stomach, with one cheek on your mat and your palms by our sides. Then, press your feet into the ground.
Step 2: Lift your arms up and back behind you, bend both knees and catch the outsides of your feet or ankles with a firm grip to prepare the lift.
Step 3: Lift your chest up by pressing your feet into your hands. Make sure your knees are hip-width apart. Look forward or down on the ground in front of you.
Step 4: Once you're in that position, rock back and forth on your stomach, from your rib cage to your pelvis.
Step 5: After 5 to 10 breaths, exhale and release your grip, lower your body all the way down and rest the opposite cheek on the mat.

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