Why Fans Still Think Louis Tomlinson Baby News Is Fake

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Ever since buzz started swirling that Louis Tomlinson was going to be a dad, fans have firmly been on the side of "it's not true unless Louis himself confirms it."

No one was buying it when the rumor first leaked, then Briana's former step-dad and dad (heck even her ex-boyfriend) all weighed in. Nope. Still no word from Louis, so it can't be true. 5 Seconds of Summer also gave their opinion on the baby news. Fans still weren't buying it.

It looked like we were getting closer to reality when Simon Cowell confirmed everything and said that Louis needed to "man up." Certainly that would have been enough for fans to believe Louis was going to be a dad? Nope.

Then yesterday, Liam Payne talked about Louis becoming a father during an interview. We figured someone in Louis' own band would certainly have the insider info, but fans thought the audio was a fake, pieced together from another interview.

For real?!

Finally, the day has come, y'all. Louis took the opportunity on Good Morning America to address the Briana Jungwirth pregnancy rumors. It was short and sweet, but he approached it like ripping off a band-aid (well, after you've been gently picking at the edges, that is).

But still, there are people who don't believe it!

Larry shippers, for one think it's a cover up: There are fans who believe it's just a PR stunt: Just general denial: Nope, still not convinced: There have been some voices of reason for the non-believers though: And, finally, this kind of perfectly sums it up:
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