6 Signs Your Crush is Not a Potential Bae So Don't Waste Your Time

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Most people on the planet know the feeling of crushing hard on someone who seems painfully out of reach but not being able to squash the butterflies you feel whenever said crush is in your presence. Crushes are often fun (hey, they give your brain something to think about when you're zoning out during a particularly boring lecture!) but it's when you want them to be something more that things can get a little dicey. How can you tell if your crush is actually bae material?!

It's always hard to make the choice between pursuing the object of your affection (or, in some case, mild obsession) or letting your romance remain in your daydreams, but there are some signs that you're way more into the idea of a guy than the actual, well, guy. Here's how you can tell if your crush isn't worth chasing:

1. You guys never talk... like, ever.

Maybe you've had a few conversations with them, but it hasn't exactly gone past the "can I borrow a pen?" phase. In fact, you're not so sure you can remember what his voice actually sounds like - that's how little you guys chat. His Instagrams may be hella cute, but if he can't hold a conversation with you - or doesn't try to - what's the point?

2. When he does talk, you kind of wish he wasn't.

He's adorable when you're watching him take notes in class, but you're not so thrilled about his opinions when the teacher actually asks him to speak. If you're turned off by his obnoxious behavior but can't help but swoon when he's silent, it's proof that your attraction is purely about his Harry Styles hair and not what's underneath it.

3. He's always flirting with you... and all of your BFFs.

Some guys are natural charmers who can make anyone feel like they are the only interesting person in the room. He may make you feel special in the moment, but that doesn't mean you two have a real connection. If he does feel real, genuine sparks, you'll know it, because it won't feel like his cookie-cutter brand of flirting.

4. He has zero clue you exist, even though you've met. A lot.

You're just not on this guy's radar, no matter how many times you've gotten your mutual friend to introduce you two. Don't waste your time with someone who can't be bothered to remember your name the fifth time you meet.

5. He only talks to you about your friend.

Worst. Feeling. Ever. If your crush only wants to chat when it's about your mutual friend, chances are that he's secretly into her. Don't bother chasing a guy who would rather be chasing someone else.

6. He's famous.

Sorry, but unless you've got major industry connections, you probably won't end up dating any of the guys from 5 Seconds of Summer - though you are totally welcome to try and prove me wrong.
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