7 Times There Was Legit Nudity in Beloved Disney Films

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Wardrobe malfunctions. Erect penises. Not the kind of stuff you would expect to see in a wholesome Disney movie, right? Wrong! While it's more common for newer films to have adult humor, the hidden sexual images in some of the older ones are shocking. To quote a former Mouseketeer, our treasured childhood classics are frankly "not that innocent."

1. The Rescuers' topless woman in a window

Who knew #FreeTheNipple was associated with Disney long before Hannah Montana was about that life? Thirty eight minutes into the 1977 film, a nude woman can be seen in a window as the two rodent heroes zip through the city. Disney admitted to the scandal when they announced a recall of the movie's second home video release in 1999 due to an "objectionable background image." 


2. The Little Mermaid's phallic palace

You won't believe what's going on under the sea! Talking crabs...and erect penises? One of the castle spires in the promotional artwork for the 1989 children's flick bears a striking resemblance to a man's genitals. Apparently, it's pure coincidence. The artist was simply under a time crunch to complete the visual and rushed through that detail at around 4am. Can you say, "morning wood?"


3. Hercules' muse gone commando

Things went from zero to 100 real quick in the 1997 movie. During the musical scene for "Zero to Hero," one of the muses' dress flies open revealing that she isn't wearing panties. Coincidentally, the flash occurred after the "Is he bold?" line. We don't know about him, but homegirl sure is!


4. The Lion King's thong-clad woman

It's believed that an outline of a woman wearing nothing but a thong is hidden in the face of Mufasa in the 1994 film's cover art...which would mean someone is staring at a pair of (Hakuna Ma) tatas.


5. Hercules' penis-shaped bump

What was up with the animators for this movie? On top of a panty-less muse (not literally), we see a growing phallic-shaped "bump." It all goes down after the River Guardian gets hit by a horseshoe. 


6. The Hunchback of Notre Dame's nude Esmerelda

For most of Esmerelda's fire dance in the 1996 film, she is clothed. In several frames, however, the gypsy appears to be naked (note the breasts and apple bottom). It's getting hot in here, indeed.


7. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?'s crotch shot

Before Brandon Davis even uttered the term "firecrotch" about Lindsay Lohan following her infamous wardrobe malfunction, another Disney redhead showed the whole world her goodies. In the 1988 live-action/animated film, Jessica Rabbit is thrown from a vehicle and her vajayjay is exposed for not even a second, making it one of the most paused movie moments of all time.



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