Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg Mock Sexist Interview Questions

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This is the perfect follow-up to the #AskHerMore campaign that was trending during awards season this year, which challenged press to ask women more than just which designer they were wearing.

In this Funny or Die clip, Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg - who are promoting their film American Ultra - take it one step further and point out that even when interviewers DO try to expand their range of questioning, they often ask very sexist questions.

To demonstrate the concept, they flip the script and ask each other the questions that were intended for the other and they react accordingly.

While it's definitely comical (and we totally voted "funny" on the site because they nailed it), it also kind of sad to see how it takes something like asking a guy questions intended for the girl to make people see just how sexist they really are.

After Kristen asks Jesse a bunch of questions that were clearly intended for a female, like "who is your favorite designer?" he says "I'm normally asked if I'm like...the class clown," to which Kristen replies "that seems so easy and fun!"

I know, right?!

She then continues to ask more personal and inappropriate questions. "I feel like a lot of questions you're asking me feel like they're about things that are not about the movie...and it just feels...anyway, maybe it's not my business," he replies, speaking for the ladies.

Then, it's his turn to ask a question. "My question to you is 'what is your favorite sports team?'" he begins "...That seems so easy compared to being asked if you're pregnant."

At the end of the interview, Jesse pretends that he didn't know about the cards being switched and concludes "now I know what it's like to be a woman."

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