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One Direction Drama - Paparazzi, Fatherhood, and a Breakup

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Being in a fandom means that you support your idol from the beginning to the end - whether they are on top of the world or in the bottoms of the stairs recording their video diaries. But sometimes, things get out of hand, and hell breaks loose - especially if you are a part of the One Direction Fandom.

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If you have been a directioner for 5 years, you know you have been through hell and back many times -from rumors to confirmation to dropping singles in the wee hours of morning. But this week, there's been never-ending drama for us, both good AND bad. One Direction dropped an unexpected new single 'Drag Me Down' - it obviously slayed! The song skyrocketed to number one in minutes, all over the world - even Zayn was proud of the boys!

zayn malik gif it was a good day that day - hearing their new single, Harry slaying the word 'down'. But, things changed quickly when I learned from twitter that Liam was mobbed in NYC, simply because he didn't want to take pictures with some fans due to the paparazzi.
Liam isn't the biggest fan of the paparazzi, so what?! But, that doesn't mean you can say those horrible things to him - he just wanted to see his family and friends go home safely. This sums up what everyone wants to say in life.

Then, after THIS incident, the boys went to GMA to perform 'Drag Me Down', where Louis just confirmed he will be a dad. When Michael Strahan congratulated him, Louis just said that it's a very exciting time and that he's been buzzing. I for one was shocked, but very happy for Louis!

ABC's "Good Morning America" - 2015

But, as you know, the drama doesn't end there. I was quite shocked when the news broke that Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik (aka "Zerrie") had called off their engagement.

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Like what?! They had been engaged for years. But, Perrie is putting on a brave face - Zayn ended it.
I really hope everything goes well... because if you are in this fandom, everyday something new and dramatic surfaces.

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