Is This the Reason Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards Broke Up?

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While fans are still reacting to the news of Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards' breakup, many are wondering what exactly went wrong.

An insider tells Us Weekly that Zerrie had been "on the rocks for a long time" before the split, explaining that Zayn "was lucky to hold on to Perrie for as long as he did."

The source added that "she put up with so much...Her close friends are totally relieved it's over so now she can move on."

The insider also explained that Zayn has cut a lot of ties lately, noting he "can be such a great, caring guy, but right now, he's losing all the good people around him who have been with him a long time and supported him from the beginning."

Meanwhile, a source tells The Sun that Perrie isn't taking it well, explaining: "To say Perrie is fuming is an understatement. She's absolutely livid."

The insider-type added, "After all she's been through. She's stuck by him and been his rock - and this is how she's been repaid. Perrie thought the relationship was the best it's ever been, so to split up now is really hard to take."

We're taking all the "insider" scoop with a grain of salt, but it is kind of devastating to see how she stood by her man, only to have things end in heartbreak.
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