10 Battery-Saving Hacks That Prolong Your iPhone's Life

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Each of us knows the plight of a low phone battery all too well. But you never realize your phone's in danger of dying until it's too late: Mid Instagram post, you get that 20-percent battery notification and know it won't live to see you rack up all those likes.
Kim Kardashian texting like I'm so annoyed gifLuckily, we researched life hacks that will prolong your iPhone battery's life, so next time you see your battery creeping into red territory, you can utilize these tips to extend your phone's face time.

1. Turn your screen brightness down. Make sure the Auto-Brightness is turned off in Settings.

2. Keep your frequently used apps open. Closing apps doesn't really conserve battery, but constantly closing and opening apps drains it.

3. Lower the number of push notifications that pop up on your phone in Settings > Notifications.

4. Just because your phone's on silent, doesn't mean you need to have vibration notifications. Turn off vibrations, shorten the vibration time or select specific contacts to receive a vibration notification under Settings > Sounds.

5. Don't let your apps access your location. You can shut down access (but leave on important ones, like Google Maps) in Settings > Privacy > Location Features. Chances are, you have apps tracking your location right now without having a clue.

6. Turn off app auto updates. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh. You can do it manually when you aren't in danger of dead phone syndrome. But DO make sure to update apps as bug fixes can sometimes cure a battery-draining app.

7. Disable photo stream auto updates. This keeps your phone from shooting your photos to iCloud the second you find WiFi. Turn off My Photo Stream under Settings > iCloud > Photos.

8. Shut off Parallax. Parallax is that cool feature that makes your phone background move with your phone, but it destroys batteries. Disable Perspective Zoom under Settings > Wallpapers.

9. How often do you use the Share My Location feature? If you aren't dropping pins to let your besties know where on campus you are, disable this feature under Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Share My Location.

10. Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth when you aren't using them, and switch your phone Airplane Mode when cell service is zilch. (Charging your phone on Airplane Mode greatly increases charge speed.)


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