Slick Chicks Underwear Allow Women to Change Panties Without Removing Their Clothes

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One of the true signs that you've entered womanhood is that moment you opt to remove your bra without taking off your shirt first. All jokes aside, on exhausting days it can almost feel like a race against the clock to get the undergarment off at lightning speed. But what if women had the same flexibility with their panties?

As reported by Mashable, an intimates brand by the name of Slick Chicks is available to solve every woman's discretionary underwear-changing needs. The collection leans more toward the functional than the frilly, but it is remarkable in that the wearer can utilize its hook and eye closures to swap out a pair of panties without having to remove any other clothing.

If the idea of changing your undies in any other place than in the privacy of your home appeals to you, then Slick Chicks founder Helya Mohammadian has all the bases covered.

"I designed this line for women who are in situations where they can't readily get to the bathroom," she notes, also adding that the ol' underwear switcheroo can easily be performed in restaurant or on a subway train.

"No one will know," she added.

Um, OK. This idea might take some getting used to, but the ability to swap undies in public without notice isn't the only thing that differentiates the Slick Chicks line from the rest. Priced between $26 and $28, the unique undergarments are also designed with the active woman in mind. According to the company website, the panties contain "breathable fibers and moisture-wicking, antimicrobial technology" that combats common issues like "accidental leakage, sweaty crotch, or an unexpected visit from 'Aunt Flo."

Honestly, this is sounding better by the minute, but Helya's pro-independent reason for developing Slick Chicks is the real cake topper.

"Whether it's an expectant mother, someone with a physical handicap or someone who needs assistance changing, the easy clasps make it easy for anyone to change themselves," Helya said. "You can be active, you can be pregnant or in a wheelchair, but know that with this underwear you can really be able to do it yourself."
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