Terminally Ill 5-Year-Old Gets Her Dream Birthday, Prom and Wedding

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Lila May Schow's parents threw her a huge bash to celebrate the milestones she might not live to see.

At only two years old, she was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma, her dad Ryan Schow, told ABC News. "She's been fighting ever since," he said. "It's been 3 years, well over nine surgeries...numerous chemo-therapies."

As Lila approached her fifth birthday, doctors told her parents they were out of options to treat her cancer, CBS affiliate KOIN reported. Her body is no longer strong enough for further chemo treatments and she is expected to live only until around Thanksgiving.
So, her parents decided to throw her a big party to celebrate her life, not only in honor of her birthday, but the wedding and prom that she might not get to attend. They started a Facebook page to get things organized and with a ton of support in the community, they through Lila one epic party.

Since she loves princesses, they went with a Cinderella theme, and a donated horse and carriage was her ride to the party. Lila arrived as Cinderella, wearing a crown and princess dress, and hundreds of people from around the country were there to cheer her on as she stepped inside.
Local stylists donated their services to do Lila, her friends and her mom's Heidi's hair and make-up, and there were a ton of activities for kids, including crown making and face painting. The whole party was funded for the family.

According to Buzzfeed, her father proposed at the party, "married" her in a ceremony, and they got their father-daughter dance. She wrapped her arms around his neck as tears formed in his eyes.
When Lila was asked what she loved most about the party she said, "she really liked all the princesses and she said 'When my daddy cried b/c he was so happy," Ryan told ABC News. "We did a father/daughter dance and I couldn't contain myself."

We are so incredibly touched by Lila's story, her parents' strength and the support of that community. Her parents are still raising money to continue her cancer treatments, so if you'd like to help, please visit their GiveForward page. Keeping little Lila and her family in our thoughts.


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