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9 Things to Do Before Summer Is Over

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Summer is all about having fun, making new memories to keep you warm during the dull winter and exploring new things. But let's be honest: Not all of us have interesting lives like the Kardashians or are as lucky as Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Reneg to get to travel the world. Most of our summer is spent inside our room watching netflix and eating. Don't get me wrong. I quite enjoy watching Netflix, but it gets boring after you finish watching your favorite show and don't know what else to do with your life. Here are few things you can do to make your summer memorable before it is over. 1. Explore Your Own City

Even though you have lived there all your life, there might still be some places that you have never been to. Grab some of your besties, explore your city like a foreigner and learn why other people want to visit where you live.​​​​

2. Try New Looks

In today's world, fashion is everything. Even if you don't start your day with a #ootd post in Instagram, you still put on your favorite piece of clothing and fix your hair before going out. During this summer, try out different fashion dares and find what you like the most.

3. Have a Sleepover

Sleepovers can be fun, too, if you don't spend the whole night lying next to each other on your phones and complaining. Do something fun like have a dance-off or play truth or dare with your friends!

4. Stay Healthy

Who doesn't love chips and soda or any unhealthy food, right? Even though you can't stop eating unhealthy all at once, take baby steps like drinking a lot of water to start.

5. Make a Summer Playlist

Listening to your favorite artists can get boring sometimes, even though you love them. Whether it's One Direction or J. Cole, it doesn't matter. Find new artists that you like, ask your friends for music suggestions and make a new playlist to listen to during the summer (and be sure to check out Col[lab]'s very own summer playlist on Spotify!).

6. Instagram It

TBH, you don't really have fun unless you post pictures on some social media. 'Gram or tweet about whatever that you think was a fun thing that you did this summer. It can be as simple as drinking Starbucks, but if you take a picture of that Starbucks and put some Instagram filter, it's going to look like you had fun.

7. Go Swimming

Text some of your friends and go out to the nearest pool. Take pictures, get tan and have fun.

8. Capture the Memories

Human brains cannot remember everything. That's why we have technology to do it for us. It could be a photograph, a video or even a Snapchat. Capture memories that you can look back later on when you grow older and wiser.
9. Start a New Hobby

We don't always have time during the "busy" school year, so why not do something productive during the summer? Do what you love whether it's reading, writing or drawing. Or, if you don't yet know what you love doing, do some research like watching some YouTube videos about the hobby you want to start and find out what you love doing in your free time.
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