Anna Kendrick Gave Her Friend the Best Wedding Gift Ever

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Anna Kendrick might be the best maid of honor ever.

On her childhood best friend's wedding day in Maine Aug. 2, the Pitch Perfect star reportedly gave her a gift we would die to have: a full set of diamond jewelry on loan from Harry Kotlar, according to Us Weekly.

Apparently, Anna has been working up a storm and couldn't do "all the traditional duties" she wanted to do for the bride, a source told the mag, so she did the next best thing. "She just wanted to make her friend feel even more special on her wedding day to make up for it." We have no doubt she did. Diamonds make just about anything better honestly, even if they're loaner diamonds.

Just think if Anna was in your wedding party. You'd have a chance of wearing some pretty awesome diamonds, she may even break it down (in song and dance) at your reception, and she would for sure tweet about your big day afterwards. Seriously, who could ask for more?

As or Anna's own wedding day, don't look for her to be on the hunt for diamonds for that any time soon. The actress is dating cinematographer Ben Richardson, but she's doesn't have marriage fever (just yet, at least). Back in September 2014, she told Cosmopolitan, "My parents got married late, so I just assumed that people didn't even consider marriage until they were in their 30s."

"When friends of mine started getting married at, like, 24, I was like, 'Why? What's wrong? Do you need a green card? What's happening?' I was so confused," she continued.

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