Did This Guy Just Dump His Girlfriend on a Roller Coaster?

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Apparently this guy's invite to the amusement park was his version of 'we need to talk' and that's exactly what he did - at literally the worst time, ever! As soon as they get to the top of the ride, he freaks out and in the midst of a few "S**t!" and "I don't want to do this" exclamations, he full-on dumps her.

Of course we would be remiss if we didn't question whether or not this was set up. We've all been fooled by too many viral video hoaxes and a lot of the commenters are questioning whether or not this video, who has almost 8 million views on Facebook, is yet another fake.

Her "Are you f*cking serious?!" face is priceless :D

Posted by Jamsplay.com on Monday, August 3, 2015
"Why did they just happen to be filming this? Seems kind of fake for that reason," one person commented, which is a fair question. We've seen cameras on roller coasters so the park can try to sell you your photo after the ride, but a standard video camera? With sound? We've never seen that. And why isn't there one on every row behind them?

Another eagle-eyed commenter thought they recognized the person in the video and wrote, " hope you guys realize that this video actually is fake and that these two are actors. The guy is Moses Storm and the woman's name is Kantú. I forgot her last name," and it looks like they were right. Moses' verified Facebook page shared the video along with the caption "Pissing off the internet 5 million hits at a time," and he tagged Kantu Lentz, who appears to be the girl in the video.

We were afraid of that...

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