Justin Bieber Just Revealed His Love for Katy Perry, Disses Taylor Swift?

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Selena Gomez, watch out. Your boy Justin Bieber has a crush on another singer, and we're pretty sure it might rub you the wrong way.

In the new September issue of Cosmopolitan, the Biebs spilled on his love for Katy Perry, and her boo John Mayer. He said that her song "Teenage Dream" is totally his favorite summer song and that John is his dream collaborator.

Oh crap, don't tell Taylor Swift all this!

Justin also revealed what he's "learned about women." He responds, "They are complicated." That said, he believes the "sexiest thing about a woman" is her "attitude."

And for all those trying to get them some JB action, you should probably know that he hates gladiator sandals, but loves booty shorts. He also had his very first kiss on a snow hill. How adorbs, right?

He also said he can hold his breath underwater for two minutes. Which makes him probably got at...well, you know.

And how about his tattoos? What will be the next one? Bieber said a, "​Tramp stamp LOL."

Need another reason to swoon over Justin? Bieber chooses Scandal as the show he's "embarrassed to admit" he watches. He cites "Let It Be" by the Beatles as his go-to karaoke song.

Trying to freak him out? The Biebs is terrified of spiders. Oh and keep glass doors far away from him. The star confesses running into one is his "most embarrassing moment."

Watch Bieber's behind-the-scenes Cosmo video, below. Read more of their interview with him, here.
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