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Facebook is on a tear to break the mold of being the "cool thing your older sister used in college." First, they plan to launch drones that laser beam Internet down to rural areas, and now they're looking to connect you directly with movie stars, athletes and other public figures all over the world.

Meet Live for Facebook Mentions: Live is available to public figures (celebs) only and provides high-resolution live streaming of celebrities directly to your computer or mobile device. Facebook's spokesperson says this app is for "public figures [to] share live video from Facebook Mentions. [The app] makes it easy for athletes, musicians, politicians, and other influencers to talk with their fans and each other. You can discover these live videos from public figures you follow in your newsfeed."

What differentiates this from other streaming devices? First, the resolution is a bajillion times better, and it's easily accessible unlike other streaming devices. I even wrote an article about Periscope, and I'm still not sure if I'm using it properly. And let's be honest - we're on Facebook all the time, even if they aren't the coolest cat on the block anymore.

Yes, we tease Facebook about how they're the kid who used to be cool in college (oh, the irony), has graduated, but still awkwardly still comes back to house parties. But what makes Facebook "still cool" is that they know they're that kid. They aren't trying to be the next SnapChat - they're trying to be the company that one day Elon Musk will build a rocket ship for. That, my friends, is how you become f**king cool.

Live reminds me of when the iPad first came out. I'll admit it - I didn't understand, or couldn't comprehend, the world-changing technology that the iPad one day would hold in its library of apps. "It's just a big iPhone!" Now, the iPad is doing things that truly change the world: educating children (both domestically and internationally), helping children that are receiving cancer treatment, starting and growing small businesses - the list is endless. Take note (Facebook did): That's how you become f**cking cool.

Some stars are already taking a liking to Live. Lindsay Vonn, for example, took fans on a ski trip down a hill in New Zealand. It was pretty adorable to see her fumble with putting her gloves on and holding her phone, making her extremely personable and likable. I actually forgot that she dated Tiger Woods – the dude that cheated on his wife with about 1 billion different women.

Skiing in New Zealand

Posted by Lindsey Vonn on Wednesday, August 5, 2015

But that's the whole point, right? What better way to positively portray yourself and connect with people to grow your fan base than speak directly with them?

Stephen Amell, star of The CW Network's hit show Arrow, used Live this past week. Stephen is already known for being an A+ celeb when connecting with fans, so the use of Live is just the cherry on top of his efforts. What makes Stephen even more awesome is that he's an activist. Last year, he raised millions of dollars for cancer research with a T-shirt featuring one of his signature slogans.

The main outlet he used to promote this campaign was Facebook. He posted recorded videos and wrote posts almost daily to raise awareness. This has made him one of the most authentic celebrities on the platform, and what better way to portray extreme authenticity than to take it one step further and connect with fans "Live"?

Personally, I'm excited for the next celebrity to use Live and speak to their fan base of millions, urging them to contribute to a cause like curing cancer. For those who say Live is a poor investment, copycat of other live streaming services, or that no one will plan their day to watch a live feed of their favorite celebrity – go to San Diego Comic-Con. I saw people camped out days in advance to watch a 30-minute panel from 50 rows back. If you tell those fans they can sit in bed and stream Ian Somerhalder to live chat – they'll move mountains to do so.

Live has the opportunity to be more than an app that lets you send concert updates with a caption of emojis, it could change the way we bring awareness to issues around the world - and solve them. For now, though, I'm happy just getting a close up of Stephen's face. #TeamArrow


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