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You Don't Have to Be a Size 0 to Sport This Activewear

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Most of us ladies grew up playing with our beautiful dolls - brushing their hair, setting them in fierce poses, but best of all, dressing them up to look their best. I was that girl who made my own clothes for my dolls. They needed the best quality and style. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of American women, they are not offered the same luxuries that I was able to provide my dolls with. The quality, the designs, the comfort, the awesomeness for sizes 12 and up is just not there. As an entrepreneur, I am doing something about it, specifically in activewear.

While attending college for interior design, I applied to work as an executive assistant at an apparel factory. I didn't have apparel design knowledge or any experience in the fashion field, but I had a passion for fashion. The moment I stepped foot in that factory, it was love at first sight.

One day, my sister saw me in a pair of leggings I was given and asked if I could make her a pair just like that one. I asked why, if she could just go to the store and buy a pair just like mine. She looked at me funny and said, "You don't understand. I am plus size, and I cannot find quality leggings in pretty colors like you can."

My sister continued, "Why do you think I don't go to the gym?" I simply believed she didn't like to work out in public places, but I never thought further than that. "I just don't feel comfortable around other girls wearing cute workout clothes while I'm in hideous T-shirts and ugly sweatpants," she added. You can imagine how bad I felt when she told me that, but then I got curious. Why didn't brands design beautiful activewear for plus sizes? After much research, what I came across blew my mind.

An idea was born. I decided to take on the challenge of making my sister the best pair of leggings she could ever rock. She tried them on, and the rest is history.

I created Malesh Activewear to give curvy women beautiful, fashionable, luxurious activewear that will inspire them. There's no valid reason why any woman shouldn't feel her best while working out, running errands, and just being active, especially if fashion is the roadblock. It's time that being active is for every beautiful woman not just some.
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