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5 Snapchat Hacks You Need to Try

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These Snapchat hacks will blow your mind. You can do so much more in Snapchat than just snapping. Make your Snapchat experience better by using the following hacks:

1. Long Texts
To type long sentences, go to Notes, press Enter couple of times, copy and paste the text in your Snapchat and type as many long sentences as you want.

2. Draw With Black or White Colors
This feature is already available for all the Android users, but if you have an iPhone, there aren't many color options to choose from. In order to get different colors, just hold the pencil icon and drag it down to get darker shades (black) and left to get lighter shades (white).

3. Colorful Filters
Perfect your selfies by adding colorful filters. You can add any color you want! To get colorful filters, select any color emoji you want and keep zooming in on the side of the emoji until you can see through it. This works with colorful texts, too.

4. Change Text Sizes
You can change your text sizes by clicking the large T on the upper right corner of the Snap cam. You can also zoom in and out by simply holding the text and zooming in and out using your fingers.

5. Change Text Colors
You can change the text color by selecting the text and choosing the color you want from the drawing tool.

Happy Snapping! ;)
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