How YouTube's Boss Lady Runs the World

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As girls who are on track to become #bossladies, we can always take a page or two out of the smart AF women who are rocking the tech industry. Our current #wcw? Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube since February 2014.

If you thought Internet vlogging was a fad, it's grown into a very profitable industry: Susan is caking from all the YouTube channels out there. Forbes reports that she's worth $300 million and recently unveiled a new video app at this year's VidCon. She also discussed innovating new ways to work with the platform's content creators and developing a subscription service plan (very #BUILTBYGIRLS).

Susan started her career as the 16th employee at Google - when the company was so young that it rented out her garage to use as its offices for a while. She worked her way up the ranks, driving Google's purchase of YouTube for $1.65 billion. If that sounds like a lot, today, analysts at Bank of America Merrill Lynch estimate YouTube is currently worth $80 billion. Not a bad investment, Susan!

But Susan's accomplishments don't just lie in the business realm - she's also taken the time to grow her family with husband and Google exec Dennis Troper. Earlier this year, they welcomed their fifth child into the world, and Susan thinks having kids makes her better at her job.

"I want people to realize that it really is OK, that you can have a family. I don't feel like I'm a perfect mom, and then there are times at work where I feel like maybe I wasn't perfect here because of constraints on my time," Susan told NBC's Maria Shriver on "But having the sum of both of those things going on in my life makes me a better mom at the end of the day, and I think gives me really important perspectives in the workplace as well."

Susan proves that you can have a kicka** career and be a mom, too if that's your steez. Who run the world? GIRLS.
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