5 Apps You Need for Your Next Vacation

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Whether you're studying abroad or taking a walkabout through Europe with your besties, these apps are essential for your travels. There's Google Translate, which has over 90 languages stored that you can use to get by on your quick stop in Spain, but there are other apps outside of language assistance that are essential for any vacation. Breaking down the most important part of a trip (photos, language, and of course - communication), here are the top five apps for your next getaway:


Yes, Instagram is cool and something you use (almost) every day. Postagram is that extra personal touch for sharing photos from your trip. Upload your fav photos to your Postagram app, type in a special message, and then the app will print out the card and send it through the mail to whoever you'd like. It's only 99 cents to send domestically and $1.99 to send internationally.


I'm more of a GroupMe girl, but WhatsApp is good to use, too. These apps allow you to send messages over WiFi, not eating up your data or message phone plan. When I took a trip to Australia and New Zealand last year, I lived on my GroupMe app to send photos and messages to my friends and family. For iPhone users, you can FaceTime over WiFi as well to talk to the ones you love back home.


Airbnb is one of the greatest new apps out there. It's a marketplace of places to stay all over the world - at a great price. If you're looking for something a little more luxurious, there are options for that, too. Here's how it works: People all over the world put their apartments/houses/spare rooms up for rent.

If that sounds sketchy to you - fear not! Airbnb does background checks on both you and the host, allowing you both to approve each other before sealing the deal. Guests and hosts are able to rate each other after stays as well, and you can't view each other's reviews until both are completed, keeping you both honest. I've personally used Airbnb on three different trips - both in and out of the U.S. - and I'd recommend it to anyone.


This app is currently only available for 14 different cities, but keep it on your radar, because it's on the cusp of blowing up in the European market. Localeur serves as your local bestie in whatever city your are visiting. Locals are able to recommend places to eat, visit and hang out that otherwise would fly under the radar.

Trip Advisor

This app has been around forever, and that's because it's the best global travel-booking application (IMO). Trip Advisor opens up reviews and suggestions to travelers, and it has an easy-to-use booking capability for your hotel and travel arrangements. I'd still recommend Airbnb for a more raw travel experience versus a hotel, but if you're a hotel person and want to streamline all of your travel booking, Trip Advisor's the way to go.

Tell me your go-to travel apps in the comments section below!


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