Kim Kardashian Rocks Bangs at Sexy New Photo Shoot, But Where's Her Baby Bump?

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People have been speculating that Kim Kardashian is faking her pregnancy pretty much since she announced that she was expecting again. Given that her bump sometimes looks bigger in some outfits and/or photo angles, that only seems to add fuel to the fire.

In this new pic from a photoshoot the girls did over the weekend, Kim was showing off the bangs she and sister Kourtney Kardashian were rocking and captioned the pic "banger sisters" but nobody was looking at her bangs because WHERE did her baby bump go?

The pic below was taken four days prior to the pic above. In this photo, there is no mistaking the bump, which has Kim's fans a little confused. Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - August 04, 2015"You forgot to put your Baby Bump on," one person commented on the pic of Kim and Kourtney. "Where's the bump?" another asked. "Yes she is not even pregnant, she's lying," someone else wrote.

At first we thought that the pic might have been a throwback, but the photographer also shared it on his Instagram page and said it was from a shoot he'd done that day.

While we admittedly can't see it as clearly as we can in the pic where she's wearing white, we think the 'missing bump' is just the fact that she's wearing a TIGHT shiny black outfit and the fact that the photo was taken directly from the front, so it's harder to see.

Kim and Kourtney weren't the only members of the famous fam at the shoot. According to the photographer, ALL six of the Kardashian/Jenner sisters were there. It looks like all of them were rocking bangs, too, as evidenced by this photo of Kendall Jenner that the hairstylist shared.

This shoot looks so cool and different than so many of the others that we've seen the sisters do, we can't wait to see the rest of the photos!
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