Wikipedia Founder Launches Cell Phone Company That Donates to Charity

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Raise your hand if you hate your cell phone provider.

Fear the gods no more - Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is here to make you feel good about paying your outrageous cell phone bill every month. Founder Jimmy Wales has partnered with U.K. mobile service The People's Operator as Executive Chairman to launch a new cell phone company in the United States.

The People's Operator donates 10 percent of its subscribers' monthly bills to a cause of their choice. Sounds pretty great, right? It gets better. Not only will it donate 10 percent to a charity of your choosing, but it will also donate 25 percent of its overall profit to a charity. Using the feel-good motive to draw its customers, Jimmy states (per Fast Company's reporting), "We're replacing massive marketing spend with massive spend on causes. I think that feels good to people."

While other mobile companies may donate to causes, The People's Operator still has an edge: The core of The People's Operator's mission and business model is based on charitable donations. Even further, People's Operator makes it personal - it's about what you care about, not what a team of marketers in a boardroom come up with to maximize advertising exposure during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The People's Operator won't limit the fundraising to breast cancer (or whatever cause you support) to just one month. "Make every month an opportunity to cure cancer and switch to The People's Operator." I think I just came up with their new tagline. You're welcome, Jimmy.

My only reservation, of course, is for a selfish reason. This service may be too good to be true depending on what kind of coverage they provide. I'm not so much worried about the cost, since nothing can be more than what I pay now with my current cell phone provider.

Check out The People's Operator website and let me know your thoughts - is it worth switching providers, or should I just set up an automatic donation directly from my checking account for causes I care for?


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