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9 Activities That Should Be on Your Summer 2015 Bucket List

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Stop sitting around and wasting your summer (aka writing Facebook posts about your boring summer), and start doing something about it!

Go on a road trip with your besties: Probably the most obvious because it's summer, but if you haven't had a vacay yet, why spend summer stuck in your room when you can go on a little adventure with your besties?!

Do something crazy: Not something that could get you arrested, but something you have never done before and want to try. Weather it's skydiving 3,500 feet in the air or hiking the Appalachian Trail, try something new!

Make some new friends: Maybe you have some "bad blood" with your old friends from school? Summer is all about relaxing and having fun, so get out there and meet some new people.
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Go on a date: Because why not? Shake off that break up from last year, and find that star-crossed lover, not Starbucks.

Find your passion: No, Netflix is not considered a passion. Along with doing something crazy, try something new. You could find your passion at any time, and summer is a great time to start.

Start a blog: Being a blogger myself, I feel I definitely found my passion in writing. I started my blog the summer of 2013 and haven't quit since. The cool thing about blogging is you can write about anything you love.

Have a party: Celebrate the summer with a little get together with your friends and family.

Read a book: You probably don't have any time to read when your studying for that midterm for school, so summer is a great time to do it. Grab that John Green novel, your Starbucks and a lounge chair, and enjoy!

Relax: Screw all the drama from work, school or the family and take some time for yourself. You only live once!
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