The Oreo Flavor of Your Dreams Has Finally Arrived

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Your week just got better.

Oreo has been bringing all types of blessings into our lives as of late – including the new Thins variety - and now they just dropped something even more amazing: Brownie Batter Oreos, in stores now.

If you've heard the name before, there's a reason. Back in June, it leaked that the limited edition flavor would hit shelves before the year was out. So, what's it taste like? The two chocolate wafers with brownie batter-flavored cream in the middle are "really rich and chocolate-y, and definitely taste like brownies," according to Buzzfeed, whose staffers tried them out this afternoon.

"It really did taste like brownie batter! Like, enough that I want to go home and bake brownies, but by "bake brownies" I mean dump all the ingredients into a bowl and eat them raw and then experience a massive amount of regret," one of them said.

From what we've seen around the web, these cookies are super chocolate-y, rich, awesome with a glass of milk and addictive. This sounds like the Oreo of our dreams. Excuse us why we go to the store and buy all of the boxes in sight.


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