6 Couples You'll Hang Out With in Your Lifetime, From the Cray to the Cute

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Whether you're a happy single lady or completely head-over-heels in love with your bae, you're going to encounter plenty of couples in your lifetime. Some of them will be awesome: there's nothing cooler than hanging out with two people who bring out the best in one another. Others? Err, well... not so much. Every couple has their own thing going on, completely separate from who they are as individuals. Does this couple's love make you reevaluate all of your #RelationshipGoals... or does it make you want to make Beyonce's "Single Ladies" your eternal theme song? Depending on the couple, your answer can be totally different.

So what kinds of couples will you meet in your lifetime? Here's just a small sampling of couples that everyone has encountered at some point, for better or worse.

1. The Couple Who Is All About PDA

You're happy that they are happy, but you're not so happy that they are rounding first base right in front of your locker. Save some action for when you're alone, you know?!

2. The Power Couple

They both scored scholarships to Ivy League colleges and somehow managed to run student government as President and VP without any relationship drama getting in the way. They are both so busy that their dates consist of "working lunches."

3. The Couple Who Is Perpetually Oversharing On Social Media

Ughhhhhh. One minute she's all about posting #MCM pics of her boyf on Instagram, the next minute he's sending out a passive aggressive tweet about how he's #over being disappointed by "someone." You never see their fights or PDA play out IRL, which is a good thing, but you're constantly toying with the idea of unfollowing their accounts.

4. The Couple That Feeds Off One Another's Coolness

Sure, these guys were cool when they weren't dating one another, but for some reason they've increased their cool status enormously since they made things offish. They're always taking pics at amazing concerts and at trendy restaurants you've always secretly wanted to hit. And is it just you, or have they both started dressing better since dating?

5. The Couple Who Does Absolutely Everything Together

Changing your Facebook status to "In A Relationship" doesn't physically morph a couple into one person, but don't tell this couple that. Inviting them out for a party? Whether one of them can go will depend on whether the other is free. Good luck attempting to get together with one of them individually.

6. The One Who Is All About The Drama

You have no idea if this couple actually likes one another or not, because they're pretty much always in some sort of major argument. You can never remember if they're on again or off again, which means you avoid talking about the other entirely whenever you're with one of them.

Obviously, there are plenty of ah-mazing couples out there, so may all the future couples you interact with channel their Bey and Jay over instead of Selena and Justin.
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