9 Things Only Hangry People Will Understand

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I consider myself a warm, loving person. I do not consider myself to be a warm, loving person when I am starving. Yes, I am one of the thousands of people who struggle with being "hangry" - my emotional state goes from completely mild-mannered to seething when I am kept from food for too long. I try my very best to keep these emotions under control (probably because I'd lose so many friends in between meals) but the hanger is still so very real.

Also prone to hanger? You're not alone. Here are the things that anyone who knows the struggle will understand.

1. You totally don't get people who can skip breakfast on the reg.

Apparently there are people in this world who can't stomach food before 9AM. If your mouth does not meet a breakfast burrito within a half hour of waking up, you're miserable.

2. Waiting for a table at a restaurant is torture.

Everyone else may be cool with a 45 minute wait at Applebee's, but inside you're freaking the hell out. (J.Law totes gets it.)

3. You stoop to fast food way more than you should.

Yes, a burger and fries isn't exactly the healthiest meal option around, but it is the one that will get to you in the quickest amount of time. If you want to be pleasant company, this is the way it has to be.

4. Smoothies are magical things, but you better give us a bag of pretzels, too.

You love the convenience of your go-to blueberry smoothie, but as any hangry person will tell you, it's probably not going to hold us over for very long.

5. You get super quiet before ordering in a restaurant...

Because you're strategically planning what meal you're going to get.

6. ...And you're always down to order first.

Will your food get here sooner? Definitely not, but it makes you feel better, you know?

7. You flock to food trucks whenever you see them.

Outdoor musical festival? You may be there to see the band, but you're staying for the taco truck.

8. Your friends remind you to bring a granola bar in your bag.

It helps you, but it also helps them not have to deal with you.

9. You have a need to constantly remind everyone when you are hungry.

More so they know that you're not actually crazy and just starving. Your true friends will get it.
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