Heart-Shaped Bangs Are a Thing, But Should You Try Them?

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Some trends sound better on paper. 3D bubble nails? So not my thing, even though nail art in general totally is. Now there's a new hair trend that women in Korea are completely obsessed with, and for once this trend sounds about as cute as it actually is. Women in South Korea are all about heart-shaped bangs, and it's no longer just a "fringe" fad. (Pun obviously intended.)

Women in the Gangbuk District of Seoul were the earliest adopters of this Insta-worthy trend, and it might just remind you of a way more extreme version of Kendall Jenner's heart-filled hair pic, which quickly became the most-liked Instagram pic of all time. Unlike Kendall, you're going to have to do a lot more than just lay down to achieve this look: you're going to need to chop your locks for real.
So is this look worth committing to months of bang maintenance? Personally, while I loooooove how bangs look on other people, I'm way too fussy with my own hair to ever commit to something that I'll need to grow out when I inevitably get tired of the trend. (Only Blair Waldorf can rock a headband on the daily.) Then there's the fact that not everyone can get this cute bang look: it's perfect for our fine-haired friends, but less so for people with curly locks or major volume.
Still, there's no denying that this is a pretty sweet look. If you're down to rock bangs for a bit, why not try this trend for a few days? Forget wearing your heart on your sleeve: you can wear it on your forehead.
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