Lucy Hale Was Completely Shocked By A's 'Bizarre' Identity Reveal

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We will definitely be in for a treat when the Pretty Little Liars summer finale airs tonight.

Lucy Hale said even she was "shocked" when she found out who 'A' is, telling AOL Build, "I'm not just saying this to get you guys more excited about the finale, but it really is so bizarre. I think they might have been drunk when they came up with it. Because, I'm like, where did this come from?"

"But it does sort of all make sense," she continued. "What I'm always impressed about is that the fans of the show will go back and re-watch all the episodes and come up with their theories, and I'm like, 'Well, crap, they're right! How'd they come up with this?' So when you find out who A is, if you backtrack in the show you're like, 'Oh my God, this is why this happened, this is why this makes sense.'" Seriously, we are dying with anticipation.

With that – we'll also find out who Charles is obvs, with Lucy adding, "So you kind of find out who that is, why they go by the name Charles, why they got involved, and why they've been tormenting us for five years. All of those questions finally get answered. I cannot tell you how it comes out of no where, totally out of left field, how they thought of this story line and apparently they knew that they wanted to do this with the show since the very first season. I want to tell you guys so badly. I want to say so many things, but it's a shock, to say the least."

When the liars return next season, we'll see them after a five-year jump. We've already gotten a taste of what they'll look like thanks to a photo Entertainment Weekly posted, but the actress also dished on what we can expect when the show returns.

"It's about five years in the future, still playing younger than I am but glad to be playing an adult," she said. "And so pretty much it's the girls living an A-free life for five years and Alison begs them to come back to Rosewood and that's sort of where the remainder of the sixth season and seventh season will take place. Sort of seeing how their lives developed over these five years, and they have new relationships and then, of course, you know the big whirlwind of A that continues and that's why they come back to Rosewood." And we can expect Ezra and Aria to reunite in the midst of all that. "They're like an old married couple and they're still so young. Where we are in the time jump, they said goodbye to each other, they go and live their separate lives," she said. "He develops a relationship with a woman and I'm with someone else but it's sort of, when they see each other again it's just undeniable. I want like a big marriage episode, but we'll see."

This is almost too much for us to handle. In the meantime, we're getting our popcorn ready for tonight's finale – which we'll be live tweeting. Don't forget to tune in with us when the show airs at 8 p.m. EST on ABC Family!

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