7 Non-Invasive, Anti-Aging Products You Should Use Before 25

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Whenever I think of aging, I instantly flashback to one of my favorite movies from childhood: Death Becomes Her. Do y'all remember that one? Basically, Goldie Hawn, Meryl Streep and Bruce Willis all act a-fool in the pursuit of eternal youth.
DEATH BECOMES HER (1992) BRUCE WILLIS, GOLDIE HAWN DBH 075And while people don't normally resort to campy murders (it's a comedy, I swear!) to try to obtain infinitely smooth skin, there are definitely some things you can do to hedge the effects of aging - without any of the scary surgeries or overpriced lotions that come in tiny jars. And take it from me, it's smart to start taking care of your skin before you actually start showing those laugh lines.

We've rounded up a few top picks that we think you should add to your daily routine, and they're all affordable! You're so welcome, lovelies.

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser
cetaphil daily cleanserIf it's one thing my grandma taught me about keeping great skin, it's that starting and keeping a routine is really important. Using a simple daily cleanser like this one ($13, Cetaphil) is always a great idea - it not only lifts out dirt, it freshens up your pretty face for the day (or night!).

Almay Smart Shade Perfect & Correct Primer

almay smart shade primerThis stuff is great if you already have redness and sensitive skin. It's the ideal way to hydrate your skin before applying your regular foundation ($13, Drugstore.com).

First Aid Beauty Eye Roller
first aid beauty eye rollerIf you have tired eyes, this FAB roller ($24, First Aid Beauty) is going to be your new best friend. It contains caffeine, which constricts the blood vessels that cause under-eye circles. The rollerball distributes lymphatic build-up from underneath the eyes, resulting in less baggy looking skin. It has immediate effects but also dramatic ones over time, perfect for both aging factors as well as a lack of sleep due to late-night study sessions.

Weleda Wild Rose Soothing Day Cream
weleda wild rose day creamFull of natural ingredients like rosehip oil, beeswax and peach kernel oil, this day cream was specifically designed to nourish dry skin and reduce appearances of fine lines. You can pick it up at Whole Foods ($28), and it smells just like fresh roses. You're welcome.

Dermadoctor DD Cream
dermadoctor dd creamThis DD cream/beauty balm works wonders because it not only promotes a healthy complexion, it also has an SPF 30 to protect your face from harmful UV rays - yanno, the things that create scary wrinkles. The white sapphire complex is also self-adjusting so you don't have to match it to your skin tone ($38, Sephora).

Caudalie Lip Conditioner
Caudalie Lip Conditioner
This lip conditioner ($12, Sephora) helps promote youthful, soft lips by using antioxidant grape polyphenols and repairing apricot oil to repair dry, damaged lips and protects them throughout your busy day.

L'Oreal Paris Youth Code Corrector

l'oreal paris youth code correctorDesigned for all skin types, this correcting serum helps treat and prevent dark spots and other skin discolorations, so you're left with an even, gorgeous complexion. It also helps fade away post-acne spots and sun spots over time. ($21, Ulta)


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