Willow Smith Wants to Make Music With Miley Cyrus

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Willow Smith has come a long way from her chart-topping 2010 hit "Whip My Hair."

Now, the 14-year-old has gone totally indie, writing on her Soundcloud, "I just want to make music so that I can raise the consciousness level on this planet. Lets all come together in light, love and harmony oneness with ourselves and All That Is. Enjoy."

And she has, most recently dropping single 'F Q-C #7' and a music to go with it, with the song showing off her impressive vocal talents. "Specifically for F Q-C #7, I wanted to really portray what my everyday life is like and how I'm always in nature, climbing trees and jumping in creeks," she told i-D.

"Literally, that's my everyday," she continued. The only real pattern in my music that I speak about all the time is frequency and vibes and stuff. Other than that, nothing I talk about is very permanent. When I make my songs, there's no explanation for what I say because I don't even know where it comes from."

As for what's to come for Willow's music, anything is possible. Her music already has Drake calling her his "young muse on Instagram," according to the site, whom she sat down with recently. When they asked her if they're working together (they were spotted in a studio in London recently), Willow said with a laugh, "[Laughs] I hope. That's all I can say. We'll see what happens." We do too.

There is one artist she's dying to work with, though. "I'd love to work with Miley Cyrus, actually," she said. "I literally want to make music with her. I produce the beats, she literally just comes to the studio," she told the mag. We have a feeling those two together in the studio would be a force to be reckoned with.
Aside from her music, Willow has a specific ideology when it comes to what her version of the world would look like if she had it her way.

"The whole world would be one big tribe, one big commune," she said. "It wouldn't be split up and divided, we wouldn't be fighting nearly as much, we wouldn't be using unnecessary sources of power. We'd be using free energy, we'd be eating from the trees, we'd be drinking from the natural stream. There wouldn't be traffic, and diapers and pollution in our rivers. It would all just be transcending into another dimension [laughs].

Something tells us Jaden Smith would be game for this too.


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