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Good Hair Means a Good Day

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For all us girls out there, we all know when we have our good hair days and our bad ones. Trust me when I say I ALWAYS know when I'm having a bad hair day. But how do I know when I'm having a great one?

Here are six signs that you're having a good hair day:
1. It's Not Too Oily.

Our hair produces natural oils for growth, and oil helps stimulates our scalp. But some girls have very oily hair, which weighs it down and makes it look dirty and unwashed. This happens especially with girls who have dark hair. On the days when you don't have to wash out your oily hair,it's like winning the lottery!
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2. Your Hair Isn't Dry and Brittle.

The exact opposite from oily hair - some girls experience dry and brittle hair, and it's probably the most common hair issue. This is usually caused by using too much heat on your hair.
3. No Frizz, No Fuss

You know it's a great day when you don't have to bring out the anti-frizz serum.
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4. Your Hair Volume Is ON POINT.

Sorry, I can't hear you with the volume of my hair! I'll just say it - we all love it when our looks fuller and more voluminous!
5. It's Shiny AF.

They always say a girl likes shiny things, and that includes hair!!!!
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6. You Get to Skip Those Hair Tools - You Don't Need Them!

You just know you're having a good hair day when you get to skip straightening or curling your hair - it already looks the way you want!
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