Kristen Stewart Gets Awkward During Jimmy Fallon's Word Blurt Game

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When Kristen Stewart headed over to The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon Tuesday, things got a little awkward when they played the host's "Word Blurt" Game.

For the game, there was a deck of cards with a random word placed on each one that neither Kristen or Jimmy had seen. As Jimmy turned them over, he and Kristen had to blurt out the first word that came to their minds when they saw the card.

For example, the first word was tequila. "Shot," the Twilight Alum said. "Drunk," Jimmy said. "I'm not very good at the whole improve joke thing, so even to say a word is like...okay let's just go...," she said with a nervous laugh, looking down. That was an understatement, but, if anyone can make awkward moments look charming, it's K.Stew.

So, it wasn't a surprise, that when the next word popped up - selfie - Kristen couldn't help but make fun of herself. When Jimmy turned the card over, Kristen blurted out "stick," while Jimmy said "Kim Kardashian," adding with a laugh, "Stick?'re really creative...." She smiled and shook her head, saying, "Yeah, compound words, I'm so creative."

Even though the whole game was awkward, K. Stew's nervousness about it was endearing, and she also proved (yet again) that she doesn't have a bad case of resting "b*tch face." She was smiling and laughing pretty much the whole time. Take a peek at the full video!


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