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'Pretty Little Liars' Season 6a Finale Recap: We Finally See Who A Is

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Season 6 | Episode 10 | "Game Over, Charles" | Aired August 11, 2015

Waking up extra early yesterday morning, I immediately realized that it was the day. The day we, the most patient fandom, receive the answers we've been wanting for over the past five years. I rushed everything, avoiding social media because I didn't want spoilers. I sat down, laptop with me and took a deep breath as I pressed play.

The episode started off with the girls shouting at Charles, who is standing on the edge of the roof, about to jump, to stop. Then we rewind to earlier that night. We see the liars and Sara in the spot where Charles grabbed Ali. They see something suspicious and follow it, only to find out it's Mona. With the help of Mona, they put two and two together and soon find themselves in A's lair. Sara, however, doesn't follow them in the room, claiming that it is too stuffy. And then the door shuts, trapped AGAIN.

The girls are watching a live feed from Radley, where A has the DiLaurentis family. We see Alison talking to a black hoodie, who is facing away from her, about how she killed their brother and father and how she (A) could do that to her sister. 'A' turns around, the liars still watching the live feed with wide eyes, and we finally see who A is.

It's CeCe.

CeCe Drake is a transgender* person, and she is Charles. CeCe then proceeds to tell the story, answering all the questions. She tells Ali, and the watching liars, that Sara is, in fact, Black Veil. The liars are alerted by the device that there is movement in another area of Radley, only to find Red Coat setting up a bomb.

The liars (minus Mona) quickly find a way out and go to Radley, where Red Coat reveals herself. Red Coat is Sara Harvey. Emily punches Sara in the face, ignoring her feeble excuses, while Spencer defuses the bomb. Alison tells them that CeCe is headed toward the roof, and the girls follow.

And then we find ourselves back where the episode started, except now, CeCe turns around, jumps off the edge to face the liars, takes off her mask, and says, "Game Over."
pretty little liarsSkip to near the end of that summer, we find the liars saying goodbye to each other and Alison. All of them heading off to college except for Ali, who is staying in Rosewood.

Time jump to about five years later, we see Alison writing on a board in a classroom, while the liars suddenly run in, talking about how they're too late, that he's coming here for you and they need to get out of here.

I'm really excited for the final season, and even though I like that the game still isn't over and it's just being played by someone different, I don't fancy waiting another five years for the reveal.
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