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6 Reasons to Be Psyched to Go Back to School

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It's that blissful time of year - the smell of sharpened pencils, the down-right irritating school bells, and of course the overbearing teachers. Those are just the parts that are not so endearing.

But, here are some of my reasons for feeling excited about being back in the classroom.
taylor swift gif1. You Get to See Your Besties!

One of my favorite reasons for going back to school is seeing my #SQUAD waiting for me at our usual table. I know my friends will always be there for me during those times of suffering from the stress of school starting.
2. You Get New Teachers

Forget that weirdo science teacher you had last year! This year you'll get all new teachers, and some may still be weird - but who knows, you could get lucky this year.

3. You Move Up a Grade

This year, I'm a sophomore! Last year was miserable when I was a freshman. Everyone in school would tease the freshmen, and it really screwed with my self esteem. But, there are only a couple of more years until I get out of here!
4. New Year, New You

Maybe last year wasn't your time to shine. Forget that old best friend who spread rumors about you or that embarrassing moment when you started your period early and happened to wear white shorts that day (yes, that happened). Forget what anyone said about you last year, and make this year your year!
5. It's Time to Change Your Style

A new school year means a whole new wardrobe - at least for me. I love having a new style every school year because it means you get to use your creativity and fashion sense for everyone to see!
6. You Get to Meet New People!

Don't start your year off anti-social. Get out there and meet new people to add to your #SQUAD, like Taylor Swift!
bad blood gifAre you excited for the new school year?
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