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5 Problems Only Athletic Girls Will Understand

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If you're an athlete at your school, you know that it is one of the most valuable experiences you've had in your life. However, you also know that the athletic life, while full of excitement, can also have some not-so-fun aspects that may impede a bit on your enjoyment. Here are five problems only athletic girls will understand.

1. You Don't Know What Sleep Is
no sleep gifYour day consists of seven hours of school, three grueling hours of practice and going home to finish another two hours of homework. Can you say "all-nighter"?

2. You Look Like a Crazy Bag Lady
cat in a bag gifYou've got your backpack on your shoulders, your duffel bag full of clothes, sneakers and other items in your right hand, and you're balancing your purse full of other necessaries on your left arm. Oh, and did I mention the occasional humongous science project?

3. You're Not Taken as Seriously as the Male Athletes at Your School
taylor swift gifThe boys' varsity team gets a full stand of cheering fans while you are lucky to get half of the bleachers full. You're also bombarded with ignorant comments like, "your practices aren't as rigorous as ours" from that arrogant quarterback on your football team. The school is full of sexist remarks, but you don't let them discourage you from keeping your head high and in the game.

4. The Arrival of Your Period Feels Like the Beginning of the Apocalypse
jim parsons gifCramps, combined with excessive movement where you feel like a filled-to-capacity water balloon, isn't exactly the greatest feeling in the world.

5. FOMO Because of Games or Practice Is Real
lonely gifYour answer to the question, "are you going to the dance tonight?" is almost always negative. While your friends are having a girls-day-out full of spa treatments, mani/pedis and shopping, you're preparing for the upcoming championships. While it's sometimes disheartening, you don't complain because you know in the end it will all be worth it.
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