Miley Cyrus Pointed a Fake Gun at Her Friend's Head in Music Video Before That Taylor Swift Diss

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Hypocrite, much? Miley Cyrus totally blasted Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" video a few days ago for being "violent", but wait...she held a gun to a girl's head in another video before dissing T-Swift? Say what?!

"I don't get the violence revenge thing," told Vanity Fair. "That's supposed to be a good example? And I'm a bad role model because I'm running around with my titties out? I'm not sure how titties are worse than guns."

But don't fear T-Swift, your fans are here. They were super quick to point out a music video from May starring Miley and Zoe Kravitz for LOLAWOLF's "Bitch."

The video features both girls in bras and thongs, smoking pot and posing in racy, sexual positions, but it also features a fake gun. WTF?

Zoe pretends to shoot the gun at the camera several times. In one particular scene, Miley even points the gun at her friend's head as they lip sync, "Who's the badass bitch that nobody heard of?"

We know, none of this is surprising coming from Miley, but it is kind of lame that she dissed Taylor for doing basically the same thing in "Bad Blood." There's talk that these two are a little worried about running into each other at the MTV Video Music Awards at the end of the month because of the drama, and because they're simply not friends.

Whose side are you on? #HardestDecisionEver
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