Zendaya Flipping Off People In the UK? Her Peace Sign Oops Explained

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Oops! Cultural blunder alert, courtesy of Zendaya, who it turns out was flipping off people when posing for pics with fans in the UK.

Who knew that a peace sign could mean a big f-you in the UK? Well...it's not the peace sign exclusively – two fingers held in a 'V' is, after all, the universal symbol for peace.

But the direction Zendaya had it facing was the issue. Evidently, making a peace sign with your palm facing towards you is a no-no. A fan pointed out Z's misstep and she had a little laugh about it – because, obvi, she had no idea she was offending anyone.

Z shared the tip with fans, writing: "That awkward moment when you've been putting up the peace sign all day but apparently I've been flipping people off #whyamijustlearningthis #woops"

She followed it up with a tweet that explained how we do it in the states: "Yeah...we use the middle finger"

Honest mistake, Z.
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