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I Can't Wait to See My Friends at School

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My favorite thing about going back to school is to see my friends whom I haven't seen for about two and a half months. I am really close to my friends, so not being able to see or talk to them for two months is very saddening to me.

On the other hand, during summer, I can finally meet up and talk to my friends who don't attend my school since school took up most of my time. During this time, I try to text my school friends and always remember that they will be there next year.

Going back to school isn't just about meeting up with old friends for me. It's a chance to make new friends, meet new people and start over with a new look and personality. New people come into my class every year and leave, giving everyone a chance to start over.

Of course, my writing this doesn't mean that I am eager to go back to school. As any regular student would be, I am sad to leave behind the carefree days of summer filled with happiness and fun. Going back to school means stress, work and the fear of having mean teachers. But, before you know it, the stress-filled school days will have passed by and summer vacation will be back.
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