Kylie Jenner and Tyga Spotted Holding Hands During Mexico Vacay

Pin It it officially official that Kylie Jenner and Tyga are a couple now? Or are we still waiting for a Facebook status update?

Earlier this week, Kylie was spotted holding on tight to Tyga while the pair rode a jetski, but that didn't really say much because you always hold on for dear life when you're on the back of one of those things.

When you're just walking around, though, holding hands isn't exactly the same type of survival move - and the couple looked pretty comfortable finally being able to show a little bit of PDA out in the open. Well, as "open" as the backyard of a private luxury resort is.

Later, during a yachting excursion, the 18-year-old looked quite comfortable laying down in Tyga's lap on the front of the boat, where they were hanging out with Kylie's friends Anastasia and Pia Mia, who were just a few of the friends who joined her for the b-day vacay.

The house they were staying at is owned by Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis, whose girlfriend Abbey Wilson shared this photo of the whole crew before they jetted back to Los Angeles.

After relaxing for a few days at home, Kylie's next stop will be in Canada for a birthday bash she's hosting at Beachclub. No word yet on whether or not Tyga will be joining her.
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