Man Pauses Marriage Proposal to Stop a Robbery

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You know when you see romantic movies and there just happens to be some situation happening near a couple and the man does something and the girl hugs him after and says something along the lines of "my hero"? That doesn't actually happen in real life, does it? Well, in this one instance, it did.

Nicholas Anderson and his leading lady were enjoying dinner at a local Mexican restaurant, where he was PROPOSING to her. Unfortunately, Nicholas was interrupted when the restaurant they were at got robbed and he had to put the proposal on hold to catch the bad guy - yep, just like in the movies!

"The manager came to the door and locked the door. The guy behind the manager pushed him out of the way and unlocked the door," he told WCNBC Charlotte. He then grabbed the robber and dragged him back into the restaurant, saving the day.


Of course, he still had to propose, which he jokes felt like no big deal after - you know, fighting crime. "After all that happened, asking her to marry me wasn't near as bad," he said. And he did ask her to marry him, but he did it at a park instead and it went off without incident. Oh and she said yes!

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