This New Veggie Might Be Better Than Kale

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Calling all kale fans: If you're in an exclusive love affair with the health-boosting green veggie, then be prepared to have your foodie allegiance tested.

So far, kale has basically become the pop star of veggies (you know you're the best vegetable ever when Beyonce wears your name on a sweatshirt), but according to Fast Company, kale should be clutching its green, leafy pearls because a strange veggie named BroccoLeaf could be its next rival.

The website reports that a California-based produce organization called The Nunes Company has plans to sell part of the broccoli plant that is typically reserved for compost purposes instead of consumption. The company believes cites the abundance of nutrients contained in the leaves around a broccoli crown as the main reason why this portion of the veggie actually belongs on our plates.

Matt Seeley, VP of marketing at The Nunes Company, explained the origins of BroccoLeaf, pointing out that the "younger, less mature leaves" are harvested prior to the formation of the broccoli crown, resulting in a new veggie that is said to boast a "less bitter" taste than kale. In fact, the company has already begun selling BroccoLeaf as a part of its Foxy Organic brand. For now, though, the veggie's availability is limited to areas surrounding New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Sorry kale, but if this new veggie tastes good in a milkshake, we're totally down to try it.

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