Selena Gomez Reveals If She Really Says 'Farting Carrots' in 'Good For You'

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Selena Gomez's new song "Good For You" is such a banger. From the beat to the lyrics, it has "hit" written all over it...but wait, does she sing about farts in it? That's what some fans think!

It's a typical Taylor Swift "Starbucks Lovers" incident. And BBC Radio 1's Scott Mills was all on it. He asked Selena to actually clarify the lyrics in her latest hit single during a recent interview, just to make sure she's not talking about tooting.

"A lot of our listeners think the first line is: 'I'm farting carrots,'" the interviewer told Sel. She laughed, saying, "Well, wouldn't that just start the tone really sexy? And like that's what you wanna hear a girl say!"

She added, "it's also because you guys have the accent, so it does kind of sound like that, for sure." Selena clarified her lyrics saying she actually says, "I'm a 14 carat,' which is a 14 carat diamond."

"So you're like a diamond, which is 14 carat?" he asked. "Yeah, evidently," she replied.

Well, there you go. No fart-singing for Selena. But we can totally see how people think she says that. LOL!

Passing gas isn't the only thing Sel's talked about when it comes to "Good For You". She recently busted out her inner rap star, and rapped A$AP Rocky's part from her tune. You can watch her kill that, here.

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