This Ish Cray: Vagina Contouring Is a Real Trend

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Vagina contouring are two words we never ever (like EVER!) thought we'd see together. But brace yourselves, ladies: Vagina contouring or "vontouring" – not that this version of the name makes it sound more desirable – is a legit trend.

We know what the heck contouring is thanks to the Kardashians. What girl doesn't want to serve cheekbones for days? But vontouring? WTF! Why would anyone want to apply makeup down there? Turns out, that's not what it is at all.

Whereas traditional contouring gives you the appearance of a slimmer face, vontouring gives tightness back to the vajayjays of aging women and those who've recently given birth.

How does it work? Intense heat is applied to the inside of your vagina using a pen-like device – just imagine inserting a warm tampon in there. This stimulates collagen, causing the skin to become plumper and tighter. The procedure needs to be done four to six times, and total costs can run you up to $5,000.

Ultimately, we're told women feel younger and there's an increase in sexual pleasure, which is never a bad thing. Amirite?

So, sure, the idea of completely changing the feel of your vagina may raise an eyebrow, but hey, if it makes a woman happy in the end, that's all that matters. Even if the process does seem...different.
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