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How to Pull Off a Pop of Color Without Doing Too Much

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The weather is changing, and you want to ditch the black. Or do you want to bend the makeup rules for school by wearing a subtle bright lip? Either way, go girl!

Here are a few ways to ease yourself into the wonderful world of colorful clothing, makeup and more without looking like a circus clown (easier to do than you think!).

When it comes to lipstick, you don't always have to go neon. There are some beautiful shades of pinks and corals that look surprisingly natural but will give you a gorgeous glow, without being completely obvious. A tinted lip balm is perfect for this, it will give you a sheer layer of color and protect your lips from sun and wind exposure.
If you're thinking of swapping your usual baggy sweater with a cute crop or tank top, don't be frightened by the racks of sunflower yellow and fuchsia shirts at the stores. Adding a simple colored bracelet or statement necklace can be enough to tie a look together and bring you up to date with today's hottest looks. See a model on the runway wearing an amazing red hat? That could be you!

Color doesn't always have to be the brightest hues. A peachy nude or pale sea foam green will still give you color without being too vibrant. You can always add a few matching accessories if you want to dial it up a notch.
I've always been a fan of eyeliner, but plain old black can get, well, plain sometimes. Many makeup brands create beautiful colored eyeliners, from gold to cobalt blue and burnt orange. It doesn't matter if you prefer pencil or liquid, have fun with it! A small flick on the outer corner of your eye or a pop of color in your waterline can entirely transform your look.

When it comes to home decor, we'll often go with safe colors like grays and beiges. Sure, you can still paint your walls in a neutral shade, but adding a few items in a contrasting color can make your space look like it's been designed by a professional! A few nice combinations are gray and yellow, as well as peacock blue and beige. Get creative!

Adding color to your life can be kinda daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Go with what suits you and you can't go wrong!
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