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7 Stuggles You Face When You Have Long Locks Like Rapunzel's

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When we were toddlers and we were running about in our mom's heels, having long hair wasn't really much of a problem for us because we had our moms and grannies telling us to sit still while they configured our hair in pigtails and cute braids. Now, we're in high school, and we're faced with the daily struggle of trying to tame wild bedheads and trying to look presentable in a limited time frame.
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Problem No. 1: Getting Ready on Time

Girls. We need time to comb through our hair, and long hair really cuts it - especially when you're attending a school hell-bent on your hair being perfect. It needs to be plait. It needs to be neat. It needs to be clipped in. My No. 1 problem is reaching behind my head and getting the plait dead center. I often have to comb it to the side or in a high ponytail.
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Problem No. 2: Humidity Frizz or Just Dry?

In my opinion, longer hair tends to be drier than shorter haircuts. The oil that our scalp naturally produces is sometimes not enough to reach the very tips of our hair, so it ends up being a lot drier, and a lot frizzier than most. Putting it into a pony rarely helps, as there are fine hairs at the front that frizzes out of the pony. Most times, we can't wear it loose because of the major frizz.
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Problem No. 3: Washing More Than Once a Week?

Long hair tends to take longer to dry. Washing long hair depends on the schedule of the person sporting the long hair or the severity of the situation. My schedule is usually from 5, sometimes 4:30, a.m. to about 6 or 8 p.m. That leaves little to no time for me to wash my hair and have it dry naturally - and I often catch colds because of it. In addition to drying time is the amount of time it takes for us to actually soak it thoroughly, then rinse it thoroughly.
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Problem No. 4: Applying Heat

Hair dryers are one thing I try to avoid as much as I can. Heat tends to make long hair go untamable. Straightening irons are a completely different territory on their own. If we need to go out, and we plan to straighten our hair, we need to start a day or two before and probably straighten it both days to get it straight for at least two to three hours. Think I'm exaggerating? I have spent 15 minutes trying to straighten a lock of my hair, and half an hour later, it kinks.
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Problem No. 5: Styling

There is going to be at least one time in our lives that we will need an elegant hairstyle. Finding one that does not require a trip to the hairdresser is pretty difficult. There aren't many styles that one can accomplish with long hair. Yes, there are styles that girls with mid-length can manage, but not when your hair is past your bum.
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Problem No. 6: Broken Combs!

Long hair can rarely be worn loose, because it knots. The longer the hair, the shorter the time it takes to get knotty and trapped in a tangled mess that can take hours to detangle. Not only this, but wearing our hair down tends to make us feel hotter (temperature wise, that is). There is nothing more unpleasant than having long hair sticking to you, tangling in your hands and getting in your face.
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Problem No. 7: Pump Up the Volume!

Is it really little volume or just really long hair? This depends on the person, but girls with long hair tend to have their hair look kind of flat. This isn't because her hair has little volume, but simply the length surpasses the actual volume of the hair. If that girl were to cut it a few inches, voila! Voluminous hair!
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