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I Cried When I Saw 'Inside Out' - But in a Good Way

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Recently I went to my local movie theater to watch Inside Out, a cartoon set in a young girl's mind portraying the struggles her emotions face - Sadness, Joy, Anger, Fear and Disgust. The main character is a girl named Riley. It begins with Riley's first time opening her eyes. In her mind, the emotion named Joy acts as a controller, making Riley feel happy as she sees her father for the first time.

As Riley begins to grow older, she is exposed to more emotions. Joy then meets Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear. They are all perfect representations of the actual emotions! My favorite character is Sadness. She's so adorable!

All four emotions spend their lives in Riley's mind. I thought the concept for the film was incredible. It teaches viewers about cognitive thinking, feelings and senses, but it's still understandable for young children (I was viewing the movie with many of them).
Inside Riley's head are core memories. These are important milestones in Riley's life, like her first words or the first goal she scored in her hockey team. They are all joyful memories. If another emotion besides Joy touches the core memories, which are represented as large, pearl-like balls, it will turn the core memory into the emotion of whoever touches it. Sadness gets a hold of the core memories, which turns Riley's happy times into sad ones. I thought this was an intense part of the film because I felt bad for Sadness. All she wanted was to touch a core memory, poor sweet little Sadness.

As Riley's family slowly drifts apart when they move into a new city, Sadness and Joy go on a journey to recover her happiness and rebuild the pathways to her Islands of Personality. There is family island, Honesty Island, Hockey Island, Friendship Island and Goofball Island. Each island becomes active when Riley experiences a related emotion. If she played a great game of Hockey, Hockey Island would activate. Such a cool idea, don't you think?
Admittedly, I did cry at one point. Riley has an imaginary friend called Bing Bong, who is sorta like a small fluffy elephant crossed with the Mad Hatter. Bing Bong is discovered when Sadness and Joy are trying to get back to headquarters after falling into the deeper parts of Riley's memory bank. He was nearly forgotten by Riley, so he had been living in her memory bank for years. Bing Bong eventually sacrifices himself to save Joy when they fell into the pit of Riley's forgotten memories, so I cried at that point. But seriously, it was so sad.

In the end, Joy is able to recover Riley's core memories and Riley even experienced new emotions, like Love! Aw, too cute.

Overall, it was SUCH a good movie. If you enjoy emotional animated films that really make you think, you'll like this one. Happy viewing!
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