Ellen DeGeneres' Teen Choice Awards Speech Will Make You Feel All the Feels

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Ellen DeGeneres won the Choice Comedian Award at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night and while just seeing one of our faves get major props is awesome enough, the incredible speech that she gave reinforced why we love her so much. Not that we needed another reason to love her, but we got one anyway.

In typical Ellen fashion, the speech had a whole bunch of funny stuff mixed in with an incredibly moving message. That's a really tough balance to strike, but the comedienne did it flawlessly, per usual.

First, she joked about how convenient it was that she won a surfboard because she was on her way to the beach and forgot hers. Well played, Ellen!

"I wanna say right now that I am pro-Teen Choice just wanna get that out there," she joked. "And you know they say teens make bad decisions but you made a very good decision tonight by choosing me that was smart, smart, smart. All of you."

And then she totally blindsided us in the most amazing way with some seriously inspiring stuff. "I wanna say also it feels good to be chosen but there was a time in my life that I was not chosen. I was the opposite of chosen because I was different, and I think I wanna make sure that everyone knows that what makes you different right now, makes you stand out later in life. So you should be proud of being different, proud of who you are."

Seriously, Ellen, why are you so awesome?

Hmm...Good point.

Don't worry, though, you know Ellen, she's not gonna let things get too emotional without making us laugh somewhere in the middle - and this speech was no exception.

"I won a People's Choice Award, I would think that teens would be in that category," she mused. "I don't know why teens are not in the 'people' category but if they're breaking it down, I'd like an award from the elderly and babies — if that's going to happen...to cover everybody."

And then some more stuff that makes you feel stuff. "The most important thing I wanna say is just really embrace who you are because being unique is very, very important and fitting in is not all that matters. It's being unique and being who you are."

Oh, and she also mentioned that it's her 7-year wedding anniversary with Portia De Rossi. Talk about a happy anniversary!

Congratulations on 7 years, you two...and congrats, Ellen, on your award! We'll keep you posted on those Elderly and Babies' Choice Awards if - or when - they become a thing.


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