The One Subtle Change Kylie Jenner Made That Changed Her Whole Entire Look

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We are all well-aware that Kylie Jenner plumped her lips, but that isn't the only change the reality star made - and the one that nobody even noticed is actually the one that made the biggest difference in her look.

Like the rest of the internet, we're totally obsessed with Kylie's style, especially the way she does her makeup. As we were looking back through old pics of her, we noticed that she'd made a major change to the shape of her eyebrows and the difference it made is striking.

Yes, we knew that having eyebrows on fleek was important...because, duh...but we had no idea just HOW important until we compared the side-by-side.

By creating a more defined arch in her brows, Ky not only created the look of a much more open eye, it also upped her fierceness factor in a major way.

Seriously, take a look again...old Kylie:
KIIS FM's Jingle Ball 2012 - Night 2 - Arrivals
New Kylie:

Ahhhh....we seriously have so much eyebrow envy right now.

The good news is that unlike the #KylieJennerChallenge, where people were doing all kinds of crazy things to try to get their lips to look like hers, copying Kylie's uh-mazing eyebrows doesn't require doing anything dangerous (although now that we think about it, putting tweezers that close to your eye IS kind of sketch) and you can totally do it yourself - for free.

We like free. And we also like looking fierce. It's a win-win. BRB, going to carve out the most epic arch that ever was.

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