9 Reasons Why You Should Be Happy That Summer is Almost Over

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The magical months of summer are coming to a close, and if you're heading back to school in the fall, there's a chance that you're totally freaking out. No more sleeping until noon? No more beach trips?! No more midnight ice cream runs because the weather is still warm enough to call for it? Say it ain't so! There are a lot of reasons why we'll miss summer, but that doesn't mean you can't be a little stoked for what's coming next.

Here are some reasons why you should be happy to say goodbye to summertime, as hard as it may be to do so:

1. Your wardrobe is about to expand like crazy.

You may love the ease of throwing on a sundress, but summer also means saying "see you later" to all of the colder-weather options in your closet. Your scarf collection misses you!

2. You can switch back to hot coffee - and drink pumpkin spice lattes.

Starbucks (and now pretty much every coffee chain) knows that you're struggling with saying goodbye to your fave season, so they give you the gift of sweet, sweet pumpkin lattes. And you can drink them hot without feeling like you're going to pass out of heat stroke.

3. All of the good holidays are in the fall and winter.

Summer has the Fourth of July, and that's at the beginning of the summer! The fall and winter have Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas - and it's only a few weeks between each!

4. Your hair will be far more on fleek.

You may have loved every minute you spent in a chlorine-saturated pool, but your hair definitely did not. Your locks will love not being soaked in chemicals for hours in the fall.

5. You don't have to feel guilty about your Netflix binges anymore.

There's something about summer that makes you feel terrible about spending the entire day inside - after all, it's too nice outside to feel good about being holed up in your bedroom re-watching the Chuck and Blair drama on Gossip Girl. Come fall, the weather will be just a touch too chilly to do anything that fun - so binge-watch away!

6. Your favorite TV is coming back!

Then again, you don't have to rely on Netflix in the fall anyway - plenty of shows return in the fall, from Scandal to The Vampire Diaries. Set your DVR now!

7. You get a fresh start at school.

Is there anything better than having a super-organized notebook for the first month of school? Sure, you might get lazy and ruin the perfection eventually, but you'll feel ridic good about your life for the first month or so.

8. You can wear fun makeup without it melting.

There's nothing worse than finally achieving the perfect cat eye only for it to melt off your face in 90 degree weather. A cool 60 degree day will keep your look in check.

9. Your Instagram pics will be a different kind of gorgeous.

Your beach and ice cream pics will take a backseat to equally beautiful photos of falling leaves and hot cocoa with mountains of whipped cream. Get hyped!

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