Celebs Take Sides in Zayn Malik's Twitter Rant and Feud With Calvin Harris

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Fans were divided over Zayn Malik's feud with Calvin Harris - with many taking sides about who was right (some believe Zayn overreacted about the reaction to the Taylor Swift diss). Turns out celebrities had plenty of opinions, too. So who was Team Zayn and who sided with Calvin?

Alex And Sierra, for instance, are a-ok with getting ears on an artist's music any way possible, tweeting: Their comments, unfortunately, earned them some hate: Nicki Minaj favorited a tweet of Zayn's "d**khead" remark, while Deadmau5 weighed in too – ultimately stirring up some major drama with Zayn's fans because of course.
The Vamps' James McVey tweeted his story as a struggling musician, which gave some amazing perspective on how hard it can be for artists.

He explained, in a series of tweets: "Sure, artists who have 'made it' and are 'happy' may be fine with giving away music for free. But they either don't remember or never had to fight for a chance in the industry and therefore don't understand. 15 year old me would have thanked Taylor Swift today for making a stand and speaking out for unsigned artists."

James added, "It's not about money, it's about nurturing unsigned musician's passion for a career in this difficult industry. And I honestly don't care what people say, or if they try to argue.. Unless you are an unsigned musician, you just don't understand."

Tom Fletcher of McFly responded to James, saying, "Thanks for that rant ‪@TheVampsJames. I was unsigned, gave my album away for free and let you support me on tour, so I must be super awesome."
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