Did Kylie Jenner Get a Tattoo?

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Did Kylie Jenner zoom off in her new Ferrari and hit the closest tattoo shop the second she turned 18?

The reality star showed off what appears to be a heart tattoo on the back of her arm during her birthday bash in Canada over the weekend and nobody can figure out if it's the real deal or another one of her crazy convincing temporary tattoos.

At first, we were totally sure it was temporary because it suddenly appeared out of nowhere and it wasn't red at all (except for the ink itself, obvs). Usually new tattoos are at least a little bit red for a few days. But who knows, maybe when one is THAT small, there isn't really any redness to be had. Kendall Jenner would know, since she recently got the tiniest tattoo in the world.

Kylie has also sported Sharpie tattoos in the past that looked very real, so there is a chance could have been the work of a Sharpie artist armed with a red pen. The one thing that is making us think it is real is the fact that in this Instagram pic she just posted, it is still looking just as vibrant as it was over the weekend and a Sharpie tatt would probably be fading a little bit by now.

The weird thing is that Kylie hasn't said anything about it and she usually lets us know when she gets a new piercing or even (temporarily) changes her hair color.

Guess we'll have to wait and see if it's still there in a few weeks...or maybe she'll spill the beans on Snapchat, as one does.


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